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This ritual has been cancelled this year due to the Covid 19 Pandemic.

This is a rite of balance and the second harvest as Autumn gets into full swing with the Earth growing colder. Our beautiful summer weather has begun to turn, and winter is on its way. When Kore was abducted by Hades, Her mother Demeter allowed all plant life to wither and die, just as our winter is a time of quiet and death. But this is also a story of rebirth, and the great cycle of life.

We will hold this rite outdoors in the stone circle. We will be honoring the Goddesses Demeter and Kore (later known as Persephone) at this rite. Appropriate offerings include produce from your garden, wine, pomegranates, barley products, beer, oil, etc. As always, praise offerings of song, poetry, dance, etc. are always welcome.

The temperature will drop at sunset, though, so be sure to dress warmly and wear layers.

There will be a potluck following the ritual, held in the main house.

We look forward to seeing you here on Saturday the 26th!