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We will be celebrating the Feast of the Summer Solstice virtually this year via Zoom. It will be held on Sunday, June 28, 2020 beginning at 5:00 pm. Duci bieto!


Attendees will first find themselves in the ‘Lobby’ where they will be vetted before being admitted to the ritual.

Please have a beverage ready for the Blessings.

We will be honoring the God Taranis, Lord of Thunder and Storms, to ask for a forest-fire free summer. And we will honor the Goddess Sulis, Lady of the Sun and heated waters of the Earth.

We will be placing our prayers in the Wicker Man. The Man will be burned in the rite, sending our prayers and entreaties up into the heavens. Inside the Man are a number of blank pieces of paper. Decide what you want to say or pray and then you will be given a chance to magically send your prayer into one of the blank papers.

If you wish to also make offerings at home, appropriate offerings for both Taranis and Sulis include small images of wheels and solar chariots, alcoholic drinks (such as whiskey, wine, beer, mead, or cider), and food. Flowers from your garden might also be an appropriate offering for Sulis. People will be given a chance to speak during the Praise Offerings section of the rite.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, June 28!

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