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Insight Retreat with August Jensen

Mt. Adams Buddhist Temple 46 Stoller Rd, Trout Lake

About This Meditation Retreat During this 3-day mindfulness meditation retreat at the Mt Adams Buddhist Temple and Trout Lake Abbey, we will use the practices of mindfulness meditation (sitting and walking) and loving-kindness (Metta) to investigate our moment to moment experience. Using the body and breath to stabilize the mind, we learn to observe the [...]

Autumn Equinox 2023

White Mountain Druid Sanctuary at Trout Lake Abbey 46 Stoller Road, Trout Lake

We will celebrate Autumn Equinox at the White Mountain Druid Sanctuary at Trout Lake Abbey. This will be a Hellenic Celebration of the Goddess Kore and Her Mother, Demeter. This is a rite of balance and the second harvest as Autumn gets into full swing with the Earth growing colder.